Over 400 organisations trust us with their financial data

Regulators around the globe are automating Short Sale Disclosure. Some will require manual and others an automated submission process. As a rule of thumb, they will all have different formats, rules, responses and no data integrity checks. Automation will be complex and costly where available. Luckily we are here to help. 


Backed by the leading Australia Pacific financial technology company, PAC-INVEST, DisclosureWise platform is trusted by over 400 financial services organisations. We provide fully audited short disclosures to European, Australian and Hong Kong regulators.


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Over 200 leading names of finance trust us with their financial data.



Platform provides short disclosures in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong and we plan to continuously evolve to cover new markets.



View every single operation undertaken on your behalf by the system or any user from your organization.



Symbol data is obfuscated and even our staff cannot view your data.



Dedicated phone support and round the clock back office operation to ensure compliance.



We host our servers in diverse locations in the USA and Australia. Our fault tolerant and redundant systems ensure that all eventualities are taken care of.