U.S. Short Reporting (13f2)

A reporting regime with global scope

  • Far reaching and extensive monitoring and disclosure regime comes into effect from January 2025
  • Catches most managers and most securities, regardless of where traded
  • Extensive new market data requirements, some of which are not provided by any vendor
  • Full automation is available via our platform
  • End to end monitoring, and e-filings with SEC
  • In-house sourcing of whole suite of data in calculations or Bring Your Own Data


How we can help


This is the most complicated monitoring and reporting regime that we have seen and poses challenges across the monitor and report workflow. In our opinion, this is a monitoring challenge, and the actual reporting is a minor part of it. A lot of the market data points required are either not readily available or require extensive system and operational investment.

We will be able to source all market data internally or allow clients to plug in their own data. We will monitor the portfolio, evaluate all positions as per rules, prepare reports, get user approval, lodge the filings with EDGAR and confirm back to you.

However, our implementation focus is our existing clients who use our service for Global Monitoring and Reporting. If you are interested in onboarding, we strongly suggest that you engage today. We will not be able to onboard clients closer to the deadline due to the complexity of the implementation.

Contact us today to arrange a call and discuss how we can help